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Pre-School Is a special time for children and parents alike. It provides valuable interaction with peers for children and provides parents with a wealth of parenting networks, both with other families, educators and greater access to advice on services for children.

There is planning to take into account if your child requires adaptations such as ramps, rails or equipment and discuss these with your choice of day care facility.

Remember to talk about how your child will join in in activities and where possible have a training session with staff on your child’s needs. Set up a plan together, such as a Negotiated Education Plan – which is  adetailed plan for how services are to be provided to a student with special needs in a government school or preschool, developed by the school with parents and others who support the child. But a lot of private schools offer similar plans.

You can also discuss Pre-School with clinicians to help prepare your child for the transition.

Below are some links full of information on where to get support and help though to discussing funding support and information on transitioning your child from home to preschool or


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A Happy Start to School for Kids with Special Needs:

Starting 'Big school' this week is an exciting time for children with special needs. A fact sheet from the NSW Department of Education and Communities offers practical tips for parents of special needs school starters.

  • Parents play an important role in ensuring their child has a successful start to school.
  • Most families of a child with additional needs begin planning the transition to school well before their child starts school.
  • In the months leading up to school entry, families are encouraged to meet with school staff.
  • Identify key words that will help your child express their needs.·Use photos to help your child become familiar with the school environment as well as routines. 


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(Source: Kids First ezine – 21 January 2014)