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Raising a child with a disability or being  a primary carer for an adult with a disability takes not only time, but a suite of new skills to handle health, care, emotions, finances and coping mechanisms.

The following links, offer a number of resources for parents:

Association for Children with a Disability

Raising Children Network offer a number of fact sheets including:

Parenting Courses and Seminars for Parents, Carers and Others for a comprehensive listing of courses, seminars, brochures (in many languages), events etc.  You can also sign up for a monthly newsletter.

Disabled Mothers United Australia – Have a Facebook group for parents who have a disability.

Better Health Channel in conjunction with the Victorian government offer a number of simple steps for understanding disagnosis

Carer support available by the Australian government -

Extended Families Association is an association that provides opportunities for mature-aged people to develop loving and caring “grandparent” relationships with children who have a disability.

The Parenting Research Centre offer a number of resources to help you in your journey

Talk to your doctor about who they recommend you see.  Your council may also have a disability officer who can provide contacts to local services that assist your family. Many organisations offer a number of parent and sibling workshops.