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2. 5-8 Years

Children aged between 5 – 8 years will be transitioning to school. Some children may who the following signs and may have a developmental delay. Speak to your general practitioner should you have any concerns so you can access the next steps.

  • Speaking- mispronunciations, slow word finding, grammatical errors persist
  • Phonological awareness- cannot appreciate the individual sounds in words heard, spoken, or read
  • Reading and Spelling- Difficulty learning to sound-out words for reading and spelling - relies on sight words, reading is slow and effortful and common errors include adding or omitting sounds in words
  • Sequencing- errors when reading -says "was" for saw or "steam" for stream, telling an event in order
  • Auditory memory- difficulty holding multi-step directions
  • Handwriting- awkward pencil grip, presses hard on the paper
  • Focus- trouble concentrating/ wears out before a task is done
  • Self esteem- begins to experience failure and frustration



Child Care Access Hotline 1800 670 305

Raising Children Network (5-8 year specific).

Parentline 1300 30 1300 Parentline offer a number of sources of information for parenting issues and concerns relating to primary school aged children.

Playgroup Association of NSW 1800 242 636

Association for Children with a Disability NSW

Early Childhood Intervention Australia (NSW)

For school age children (5-8):

Good Beginnings National Parenting Program

Parenting NSW

Parenting South Australia

Fathers Direct

Kids Matter offer a range of fact sheets


Founders Network Canada

National Parent Information Network (US)