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From pre-school to high school, a child will see on average 25 different teachers and be studying for 13 years in total from kindergarten to year 12, High School Certificate. If a child has special needs there may be more teachers and it may in fact be a longer road. Same can be said if a child is in a remote area or excluded in someway (language, ability, access  wise).

There are a lot of organisation’s that can assist and guide you on your choices for your child’s education.

Education Links

Department of Education & communities -

Australian Curriculum assessment and reporting authority - &

Australian Association of Special Education -

ERIC – Educational Resources Information Centre

Family Education Network

National Centre for Learning Disabilities -

Schwab Foundation for Learning

Home Schooling – Teach this


ADDA – National Attention Deficit Disorder Association -

Access Information Supermarket for People with Special Needs and their Families -

The International Dyslexia Association

Learning Disabilities – National Institutes-

LD Online -

Move to Learning –

Specific Learning Difficulties Association of NSW  -

Ideas for special education pre/primary:

Disability resources on the net

Disability Online (an international site)

Council for Exceptional Children: a large storehouse of articles about Special Education.

Companies to assist with Learning

Learning Links –

Lifestart –

Isolated/ remote area Children

Isolated Children and parents association -

Human Services -

NSW Public Schools -

Rural and distance education -

Bush children’s education fund -


NSW public Schools -

Living away from home -

Boarding Schools expo -

Post School

Universities admission centre -

Other important links

Department of Education & Early Childhood Development (DEECD)
DEECD Regional Contacts
Bar None Kit for Schools
Catholic Education Commission
Choosing a primary school
Choosing a secondary school
Distance Education Centre Victoria
Find a school website
Home-Based Educational Program
Inclusive Classroom School Resource
Independent Schools Victoria
My School website
Positive Education Planning booklet
Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD)
Sharing Our Journey Information Kit
Starting Primary School
Starting Secondary School
Transition to school
Victorian Parents Council
Victorian Registration & Qualifications Authority