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Adult Education

Adult Education or continuing education is important for knowledge and learning but is also an enjoyable life activity people can enjoy. There are universities that run continuing education workshops and courses and community colleagues in Australia also run as well as independent organisations.

Some courses have prerequisites and others do not but nearly all suppliers have information on accessing services if you are a person with a disability. To ensure access to the course and parking should a disable space be required, to large scale adaptions like large screen fonts for visual ease or podcasting of courses or online access should a person be unable to attend in person.

There are also courses on disability for clinicians, carers, families and professions.

So whether you choose to learn for fun or want to learn for education or work skills there are options for everyone to access and even in some cases grant funding to learn.

Listed below are services to help learning needs as an adult.


Adult learning Australia -

Australian Council for Adult Education -

The Reading and Writing Hotline -

Adult Literacy Resources -

Community Colleges Australia -

Australian Trade and Professional Listing -

Australian Qualification Framework -

Flexible Learning Australia -

Adult learning Week -

List of Australian Universities -

Disability Specific Websites:

Choosing Your Path -

Australian Government -

Department of Education -

Disability Council -

Community Builders -


Your Life Your Choices:

Universities of the Third Age -

Multicultural Learning

Lerni -

TILT - Tap Into Learning Today -


Open Universities -


Australian National University -

NSW Government Education and Communities -

AMES (Online English courses) -

Department of Education -

NSW Adult Literacy and Numeracy Council -

Education NSW

Employment NSW -


Community Collages -


ACT Government:

Association of Providers and Trainers:

CIT Short Course Solutions:


Adult and Community Education Victoria -

Campaspe College of Adult Education -

Department of Education VIC - and skills gateway


Association of Neighbourhood Houses and Centres -

CAE Short Courses and Job Skilling -

Community Colleges VIC -

Learn Local -

Short Courses at Monash  Centre-

Wyn Learn -


Queensland Government - &

List of Providers -

Community Education -

Lifelong Learning -

Queensland Council for Adult Literacy -



Skills for All -

SA Govermnet -

List of Providers -

Community Centres SA -



WA Government -

Department of Education Services -

Training WA-

Link West -

University of WA -


NT Government -

NT Adult Literacy and Numeracy -


Adult Education TAS -

Learners Week TAS -

Learn Discover Access TAS -

Skills TAS -