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University is a challenging time in life, you often move or travel away from home for the first time, and with independence come the costs of life. A scholarship is an award granted for financial aid to help with the costs you incurred.

Each university or college has there own individualised scholarships program so search there websites directly or ask the admissions officer for assistance.

There are also several scholarship ran externally to universities by funding organisations and individuals for various regions and various disability specific options.

Some scholarships also can cover specific task or costs so ensure you understand fully the requirements for example they may cover your books or materials but not travel. All are unique and different and in many cases you can apply for more then one but again check the individual requirements of your chosen scholarship.

Links to a page with a number of different scholarships:

Link to a page filled with scholarships for children with disabilities:


The Redkite  Education Support Grants  Redkite's education support grants are available to children and young adults (up to 24 years of age) who have experienced cancer reach their study and work goals. Siblings whose education is disrupted during the cancer journey may also be eligible to receive Redkite's education assistance.  Redkite's education and career assistance is provided via financial grants.

Mind Australia

A scholarship for those suffering of relatively recent mental disabilities

Scholarships for people with a Spinal Cord Injury

ParaQuad NSW Scholarship program aims to support people with a spinal cord injury to pursue educational and career training. The ParaQuad NSW Scholarships assist in funding courses through registered training organisations eg TAFE, universities and colleges,  as well as providing  assistance to young adults in their pursuit of sporting goals leading to a career. The scholarships are aimed at easing the financial burden of obtaining the necessary education and skill to secure future employment.

These scholarships were first offered in 2004 and are supported by the family of the late Gregory and Dolores Farrell. Gregory Patrick Farrell OAM was a founding Director of the SpineCare Foundation. The scholarships are available to students who use a wheelchair for mobility, who are undertaking an undergraduate or higher degree, and for those who will be pursuing post-graduate study overseas.

Gregory & Dolores Farrell Scholarships

The aim of the scholarship is to support integration into tertiary education. It is acknowledged that the student with a disability may have additional obstacles to overcome in accessing a tertiary education. One of these obstacles can be the additional costs involved to enable participation in tertiary education. The costs involved can be considerable and variable according to the degree of disability.

In 2015, four scholarships of up to $5,000 each will be offered to students in New South Wales who use a wheelchair for mobility and are attending university.


  • Scholarships are only for students who use a wheelchair for mobility, who are Australian citizens and who have been accepted into a university course in NSW or are currently enrolled in one. Students who are proceeding to a higher degree are also eligible, as are students who have been accepted for post-graduate study in Australia and overseas.
  • Applications must be lodged by the close of business on Friday 6 February 2015 with the attached application form.  Applications may be posted, faxed or e-mailed.
  • The successful applicants will be chosen by a Selection Committee.  If placed on a short list, it may be necessary for applicants to attend an interview in Sydney in mid-February 2015.
  • Successful applicants will be advised in the first week of March 2015.
  • As a condition of the scholarship, it will be necessary for the successful students to submit mid-year and end of year results, as well as a report on how the scholarship funds have been spent.
  • Funding has been made available for one year only, subject to review for further assistance, but successful applicants may reapply for future years.

If you require any further information, please contact Deanna Mooney on: or 029890 0959.

The Thomas Hepburn Lennox Scholarship

The Thomas Hepburn Lennox Scholarship is open to TAFE or university students who have a physical disability and are present or past clients of Northcott. The scholarship assists with expenses such as textbooks, accommodation, field trips, stationery and university travel.

For more information about the Thomas Hepburn Lennox Scholarship, please contact Yvonne Roberts on 02 9890 0135.

The Northcott PhD Scholarship is a full time three-year scholarship grant for a student wishing to complete research in the disability sector. It is open to those with a demonstrable commitment to the disability sector and recipients are not required to be a client or employee of Northcott. The proposed research must be seen to positively influence services for people with disabilities and align with Northcott's strategic directions. 

For more information about Northcott PhD scholarships, please contact Terri Mears, Research Manager on 02 9890 0175.

The SpineCare Foundation Research Fund 

The SpineCare Foundation Postgraduate Scholarship enables a student to establish a register of spinal cord injuries in children in order to enable those working in the field to better collaborate on research, treatment and prevention of such conditions. While a national database exists for adults, there is presently only fragmented collection of information on children across Australia.

Erin Garner (right) of La Trobe University, commenced her project in July 2014 and will be providing regular progress reports throughout her studies.

For more information about the SpineCare Foundation Research Fund scholarships, please contact Deanna Mooney on 02 9890 0100.

Variety’s Scholarship Program

Variety’s Scholarship Program provides funding for individual children to achieve their full potential and to follow their dreams in the areas of the arts, sport, and education.

Further information about Variety’s application process and the Scholarship Program guidelines will be available once you have created a login. We encourage you to preview the application form prior to completing it.

If you are unsure about which program you should apply for, please contact Variety’s Grants team on 0298191003 or email:

Don’t forget to check your chosen university or college website for other potential scholarship options.