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Community Inclusion

What does community inclusion mean?

Community inclusion has a person centred focus, where the person with disability is included in activities and in their community.

It may involve reducing barriers for people with a disability.  It may mean making it easier for people with a disability to use services available to all community members.

In the past, activities were sometimes specifically designed around a person with disability; or people with similar disabilities were grouped together for support.  There was a focus on management rather than development and growth, and fitting people with a disability into special programs and techniques, rather than being led by each individual’s goals and needs.

Why is a person centred approach important?

A person centred approach keeps you as an individual at the centre of decision making about relevant services and supports you to live life your way.

This is not to mean that impairment does not exist.  Rather, this approach supports and provides learning to ensure people can be included even when they have very significant impairments.

This change has occurred based on learning and research, coupled with input from people with disability, professionals and clinicians in the disability care field.

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Links and resources

This site features two great videos that help explain person centred approaches and the value of inclusion.  To access, see resources under videos.

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