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Keeping ones health in order is key to a happy life. The management of your health can be complex if you have multiple health issues, particularly keeping track of all that is required.

Following are some information sources to assist.

Health & medical
Many people with disabilities have access to sites and resources, which can help to educate and improve quality of life. A few general sites below can help with a wide range of different conditions, give financial aid and provide assistance in an emergency if required:

Accelerated Care through Emergency (ACE) Program, RCH -
Child Health & Safety Resource Centre, RCH -
Family Resource Centre, RCH -
Gastrostomy Information Support Service (GISS) -
Medicare Allied Health and Dental Care Initiative -
Net Medical Expenses Tax Offset -
RCH@Home -
Very Special Kids -


There is help available for people living with depression, anxiety or other mood disorders. Talking to a GP is the best way to get direct help:

Beyond Blue –

Black Dog Institute –

Sane Australia –

The Shed –

Numerous resources are available online for aiding those who have asthma. Always be certain to consult a GP before deciding on a course of medication or treatment:

Asthma Australia - /

Better Health Channel -

National Asthma Council Australia -

Information for people who have Type I or Type II diabetes is commonly available from numerous sources. A GP can best advise a person on how to manage this:

Australian Diabetes Council -

Australian Diabetes Society

Better Health Channel -

Diabetes Australia -

National Diabetes Service Scheme -

Heart Disease
Many good resources for information on heart disease or heart problems exist. Further issues can be discussed with a GP:

Australian Absolute Cardiovascular Disease Risk Calculator -

Better Health Channel -

Heart Foundation -

Rheumatic Heart Disease -


UK Department of Health -