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National Public Toilet Map

This National Public Toilet Map website provides information on the location of more than 16,000 public and private public toilet facilities across Australia.

It includes details of toilet facilities found along major travel routes and shorter shorter routes as well.

You can plan a trip, find toilets and save useful toilet locations to your email or social media.

The site offers useful information about each toilet, such as location, opening hours, availability of baby change rooms, accessibility and facilities.

The project is part of the National Continence Program from the Australian Government Department of Social Services.


Making toilet access easier

The Continence Foundation of Australia has a very useful guide to making toilet access easier in your home.

If you or someone you care for has difficulty reaching the toilet in time, there are ways you can help, for example making sure the toilet environment is safe and ensuring the pathway is free of tripping hazards.  For more information visit:

Master Locksmiths Access Key System - MLAK

The MLAK is a master key that fits into specially designed locks allowing 24 hour a day access to public toilets displaying the MLAK symbol.

You can purchase the key if you:

  • have a disability
  • have written authority from a doctor, a disability organisation, a local council or community health centre
  • have written authority from the owner or management of a building with an accessible toilet on site.

For more information contact The Master Locksmiths' Association of Australasia on 1800 810 698 9995 or visit

Spinal Cord Injuries Australia maintains a directory of MLAK-enabled facilities across Australia.

Toilet Tactics Kit for Children

The Continence Foundation of Australia also has a Toilet Tactics Kit .

Toilet Tactics is a fun user-friendly kit designed to help promote healthy bladder and bowel habits in primary schools and to improve or maintain the standard of school toilets.

This program is seeking to motivate children to adopt healthy bladder and bowel habits by empowering them through education and knowledge. It is built on the premise that many lifelong attitudes, beliefs and behaviours begin in childhood and that instilling these behaviours at a young age may help avoid issues later in life. The kit is divided into sections for teachers, students and parents and can be integrated into classroom activities for health education.  It can be downloaded free at:

Further resources from the Continence Foundation of Australia can be found at:

Specific Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders can be found at: