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What sorts of equipment can help people with a disability?

Equipment, adaptive aids and modifications can make a big difference to your ability to live an independent and satisfying life.

From wheelchairs to household aids, equipment needs are very individualised - based on a person's abilities and disabilities. 

Some items need to be manufactured or adapted for each individual, for example an arm splint, a hearing device or a sports wheelchair.  

Other items may be available "off the shelf" but need to be fitted to you as an individual.  These items include some cushions, air mattresses and hand moulded tools or kitchen equipment.

Readily available everyday items, such as mobile phone holders or wall mounts for holding computer screens, may also be very helpful.

How do I find the right equipment to help me best?

Seeking professional advice can be a very useful first step.  Many hospitals have occupational therapists, physiotherapists and equipment pools with loan equipment which in- and out-patients can access.  Community based and private occupational therapists and physiotherapists can also offer professional advice. 

Organisations associated with specific disabilities often provide information and advice relating to helpful or recommended equipment.  They may also loan or rent equipment.

Most states and territories have an Independent Living Centre - a service that is run by professionals and that displays a wide variety of equipment and adaptive devices.  These centres can offer individualised advice.

Links to equipment organisations

Below are organisations that can help you with equipment requirements. Also please check out the technology section of Oi as some equipment options are listed there.

GoKids Mobility Advisory Service
Green PC

Master Locksmiths Access Key (MLAK)
National Continence Helpline
National Public Toilet Map
State-wide equipment program (SWEP)
Victorian Continence Resource Centre
Yooralla Independent Living Centre
Variety Club

Equipment links

BrightSky Australia – Healthcare Products -
Independent Living Centre – Equipment display centre –
Southern Mobility Solutions – Wheelchairs – Tel: 0295934667
Restorative Therapies – Rehab programs at home -
Acute Healthcare – Adjustable Bedding and Pressure care –  Tel: 1300022883
TAD – Custom Designed Equipment –

Adaptive Technology (also click on technology section of Oi for more equipment recommendations)

Australian Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Association (ARATA) -
Achievable Concepts -
Independent Living Centre –
TAD – Custom Designed Equipment –

Home Modification and Maintenance Services

NSW Home Modification and Maintenance Services (HMMS) State Council -
Driving and Car Modificiations Arlow Engineering Tel: 0298294993