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Adaptive Aids

Adaptive aids are items that help people with day to day tasks (also check out out technology section for more listings):

Continence Aids Payments Scheme
Noah’s Ark Specialist Equipment Program

Information on Aids to Assist People with a Hearing Impairment.

Telephone Typewriters (TTYs)

TTYs enable text communication over the telephone line between two people, one or both of whom may be deaf. The typed message appears on a display panel and, on some machines, as a printed message.

Telephone Aids

Many of the newest telephones, including Telstra's Touchtone 400, have a built in hearing aid coupler and, when used with a "T" switch of a hearing aid, will reduce background noise.

Some telephone aids such as visual signalling devices, tone ringers and gliding tone callers are available to eligible persons, from Telstra, free of charge. For further information contact your nearest Telstra office. External couplers are also available.

Other services that offer adaptive aid or advice on adaptive aids.

TAD Disability Services

TAD Disability Services designs and builds personalised custom equipment to enable people with disabilities to lead more independent lives.

For more information call 1300663243 or go to
In Victoria: Technical Aid to the Disabled (TADVIC)

Cerebral Palsy Alliance TASC

The Cerebral Palsy Alliance offers adults a specialised technology consultancy for people living with a disability who have complex technology, seating and mobility needs. Known as TASC, the team of occupational therapists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists and technicians have specialist knowledge and skills in the assistive technology areas of:

  • alternative access to computers and tablet devices
  • speech generating devices
  • environmental control systems
  • switch  access to technology
  • mounting and positioning for devices and switches
  • custom seating solutions
  • powered mobility

Contact TASC on Tel: 0299758000

Assistive Technology Services

Assistive Technology Services is a division of Northcott that is staffed by occupational therapists and speech pathologists, specialising in alternative access, computer use, environmental control and communication options, and handwriting alternatives for people of all disabilities and ages in NSW (state-wide service).

The range of services includes assessment, therapy, support with equipment trial and/or set-up, education and training and technology loan pool.

Phone: 0298900181 Email:

Dreamfit Foundation, Western Australia

Dreamfit Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that is making dreams possible for people with disabilities through innovative equipment solutions.

Their skilled team of engineers and therapists support people with disabilities to try new activities, engage in their community and overcome challenges in their everyday life.

Contact or Tel: 0450706050