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Car Modifications

Car modifications allow people with disability to adapt their vehicles to be able to become independently mobile or to have access for disabled passengers.

People who have minor or serious physical disabilities may still be able to drive when they make the appropriate modifications.

Whether you are a wheelchair user and wish to drive independently or you or have a family member who requires accessible transportation, please visit the sites below

Auto Mobility

Access Vehicles Australia

NSW Roads and traffic Authroity
People need to demonstrate satisfactory driving abilities during a disability driving test. For more information visit -

NSW Disability Parking Permits

Problem Management Engineering (PME)
PME offers products and services from driving controls to Space Drive assessments. For more information visit -

Total Ability
Total Ability offers the widest range of hand control systems such as the Satellite Accelerator AC2002. The AC2002 gives you hand freedom when using the steering wheel. It is available for both right and left hands and comes in a wireless model. For more information on the Satellite Accelerator or Total Ability visit -

MobilityCare provides a variety of aids to improve independent living. They are a great alternative if you don’t want to make permanent modifications to your car.  MobilityCare has a new hoist that moves a person easily from a wheelchair to vehicle and can be operated solo. For more information on the Milford Person Lift or MobilityCare visit -

Arlow Engineering  - Tel: 0298294993

Freedom Motors Australia – Wheelchair accessible Vehicles –

Mobility Engineering – Tel: 0294824572

Problem Management Engineering – Car modifications –

Trakka Conversions  - Tel: 0294729000

Vehicle Modification Subsidy Scheme (VMSS) - Victoria
A maximum subsidy of up to $10,000 is available to assist with the purchase of prescribed vehicle modifications to suit individual circumstances. Subsidies are made available on assessed need to approved individuals, on the basis of one subsidy per person for the modification of the primary vehicle utilised for the person’s transport. Where only a portion of the maximum subsidy is required, you may submit further applications for assistance, up to a cumulative total of $10,000 over a seven year period, from the date of the first application. Aids and equipment such as wheelchairs, standing frames and continence products may assist your child with daily living tasks and independence. Visit: for more information.

Vehicle Modification Options Scheme (VOSS) - Queensland

Visit Queensland health for more on the VOSS program: