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Mobility refers to how you move around.

A mobility aid can be any item that assists a person to accomplish a task that may otherwise have been impossible, or may have required assistance.

Lifting recliner chairs, toileting aids, mobility scooters, ramps, crutches, walking sticks and frames are just a few of the varied items in this area.

Tempo Tricycles -

Acute Healthcare -

Roland Priestly -

Mobility Care -

Astley Mobility -

DoAbility -


Independence Australia -

Mobility Plus -

Red Cross Mobility -

K-Care -

Mobility Allowance

This allowance provides hep for people with disability, illness or injury who cannot use public transport without substantial assistance and participate in approved activities.

Mobility and Functional Support (MFS)

The aim of the Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP) is to achieve and maintain functional independence and/or minimise disability as part of the provision of health care to entitled persons. RAP provides appliances for self-help and rehabilitation purposes according to assessed clinical need. -

Vision Australia

Vision Australia offers training and advice around a variety of mobility canes, assistive technologies and other devices which assist people who are blind or have low vision to successfully navigate the environment and detect potential hazards. -

Paediatric Mobility Equipment -

Patient Handling -