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Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology is any item, device, system or designed tool which helps an individual to perform activities and tasks in their life that they may not have otherwise been able to complete.

Common terms are medical devices, aids, equipment and assistive technologies that range from simple products, such as, iPad frames that hold your iPad on a wheelchair to more complex items, such as, power-driven wheelchair controllers and home environmental controllers.

Where can I find out about what assistive technologies are available?

Independent Living Centres Australia

Assistive Technology & Seating Clinic, Royal Rehabilitation Centre - – Tel: 0295934667

Walk on Wheels Comfort & Mobility Centre – Movement Therapy Tel: 0249548555

Restorative Therapies – Rehab programs at home -

Acute Healthcare – Adjustable Bedding and Pressure care  Tel: 1300022883 -

TAD – Custom Designed Equipment –

LifeTec -


Zyteq -

Home Modifications – Yooralla -