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How do I find out more about air travel?

Websites for all Australian international airports and domestic terminals have accessibility information, as do the individual airlines.

Airport information for people with a disability

Sydney -

Melbourne -

Brisbane –


Perth -

Hobart -

Darwin –

Domestic airlines information for people with a disability

Rex -

Virgin -

Jetstar -

Qantas -

Tiger -

International airlines

Emirates -

Air New Zealand -

Air Canada -

United Airlines -

Singapore Airlines -

Malaysian Air –

Air Asia -;jsessionid=D4977A4B394E6EFEC505420D9CBA5C86.tomcat3?id=88&name=I+am+disabled%2C+blind%2Fvisually+impaired+or+have+reduced+mobility.+Do+I+need+to+travel+with+a+companion%3F

Japan Airlines -

KLM Airlines -

British Airlines -

Etihad Air -

What other travel resources exist?

Also see our Oi travel pages under the following link

Travel Agents who are experienced in planning trips for those traveling with people who require special needs.

Stories of people traveling with disabilities