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Mobility Scooter

Travelling With A Mobility Scooter

Mobility devices such as scooters are an essential part of daily life for people with mobility impairment, not only by improving access to services, but also enhancing quality of life and inclusion.

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Where to buy, where you can use them and safety use and training -

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Queensland Department of Transport - For more details about travelling safely in Queensland with a wheelchair or mobility scooter, please refer to the following publications and websites: -

Want to use public transport?

Users of wheelchairs or mobility scooters should consider safety and accessibility requirements for public transport use when purchasing a device.

Users should consider these criteria:

  • it fits in an allocated space of 1300mm by 800mm
  • it is less than 750mm wide
  • the total height when the user is seated on it is less than 1500mm (for travelling in accessible taxis)
  • the total weight of the user and the mobility device is less than 300kg
  • it is fitted with four tie-down points for taxi travel
  • it meets the manoeuvrability assumptions of the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002 (see reference materials below for details).

Passengers using mobility scooters who use a wheelchair accessible taxi are required to dismount from their scooter and transfer into a seat.

Be careful when attaching extras or enhancements to a mobility scooter, such as canopies or flags, which may increase the overall height and impede the view of the driver or affect other passengers.