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NSW Early Days Introduction to Autism Sp...

09:30 AM - 04:00 PM at 11 Help Street Chatswood NSW , NSW

Early Days Workshops for Parents and ...


NSW Early Days Introduction to Autism Sp...

10:00 AM - 01:00 PM at Online, NSW

Early Days Workshops for Parents and ...


NSW Early Days Autism Behaviour Workshop...

10:00 AM - 01:00 PM at Online, NSW

Early Days Workshops for Parents and ...

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What does disability really mean?

Disability Definition: A disability is often defined as a condition caused by accident, trauma, genetics or disease, which may restrict a person's mental processes, senses or mobility.

A person living with a disability will also have many abilities and may be able to undertake many tasks to a high level. 

People with a disability come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and cultures - just as we all do. The only thing that separates a person with a disability is that, for one reason or another, they may require additional supports as resources to do certain things as others in our community. They may require some form of adaptation or alteration to assist them to overcome the effect of their disability. (source:

Generally disabilities can fall under the following categories:


Where can I get help and support?

Disability support can range from specific diagnosis to unknown diagnosis and includes financial, advocacy, accommodation, therapy, programs, accessing the right equipment, group support and 24 hour helplines.

There are many services, programs and supports provided by the government and not-for-profit organisations to assist you.  Each organisation may be able to support you with different resources, information and referrals.

For a list of Disability Service Providers, please click here.

How can this website help?

This website is a collaborative approach involving more than 75 organisations that work within the disability sector and mainstream community sector  offering specialist services, advice, advocacy and assistance. 

Most pages contain many links to help you find the most useful information, no matter what your situation.

Links Disclaimer: Online Inclusion has tried to capture the correct links but as organisations may change webpages, we do not take responsibility for incorrect links.

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