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Equipment - Loan, Try Or Buy?

Loan, try or buy?

There are private companies, equipment libraries and government services that may supply or subsidise items directly or offer items on loan or hire. Services vary across states and territories.

Trialing an item can help you make an informed decision about brands or sizing, and may give you access to new items in the market place.

Links to Equipment Assessment

Equipment Distribution Centre, RCHEquipment Recycling Network Inc (ERNI) -

Seating Dynamics – Wheelchairs –

Below is a link to an equipment pool for children attending a childcare centre or registered preschool. The website provides information on the equipment that can be used to include a child in the preschool environment. For example: specialised seating, tables and standing frames. CS Central -

Links to Equipment Loan Libraries

Yooralla Equipment Library -
Assistive Technology and Seating Clinic – Royal Rehabilitation Centre – Tel: 0295934667

Walk on Wheels Comfort and Mobility Centre – Movement Therapy Tel: 0249548555

Links to Second Hand or Repurposed Equipment

ParaQuad Classifieds – Second Hand Equipment -

Below is link to a classifieds website build specifically for second hand and unwanted aged, disabled and mobility aids in Australia. ReusAbility