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Adaptive Technology & Equipment

Each person is unique and has different wants and needs, so adaptive technology and equipment is best individualised for each situation.

What are some examples of adaptive equipment and technologies?

Some examples of adaptive equipment are

  • Dressing aids - can include specially tailored clothes, button-in-the-front bras, elongated shoe horns, long zipper tags, stocking aids and button sticks; basically, anything used to help you put on your clothes independently if you have dexterity issues or physical disabilities.
  • Cooking equipment - cups with two handles, knives with large or tailored grips, kettles on swings, lowered bench tops and equipment that helps you cook as independently as possible.
  • Bathing and toileting equipment - elongated scrubbers, bath chairs and raised toilet seats: anything designed to assist with independence and safety in the bathroom.
  • Entertainment, play, learning and development – including various children’s toys and specially developed computer programs and apps
  • Custom-made sporting equipment – from sports wheelchairs to custom racquet grips
  • Technology and modifications - large grip iPad cases, portable charging units and car/home modifications.


Where can I find the right adaptive equipment & technologies to meet my needs?

A number of independence services exist to give you independent advice about the most suitable equipment and technology to meet your needs.

There are also numerous companies that provide equipment for hire or purchase. Some offer in-home trials.

Independent equipment advice and services

Independent Living Centre -

Independent Living Centre & The Equipment Library -

TAD - Custom Aids -
TAD - Custom Designed Equipment –

LifeTec - (Queensland)

SA Government -

Disability Equipment Information Service -

Assistive Technology & Seating Clinic, Royal Rehabilitation Centre – Tel: 0295934667

Home Modifications - Yooralla -

Equipment sales and hire

Achievable Concepts -

Acute Healthcare - Adjustable Bedding and Pressure care  Tel: 1300022883 -

Advantage Medical (international) -

ASTA (industry body for equipment sales) -

Cooking solutions -

Mobility Shop -

Spectronics look'n cook -

Essential aids, UK -

FAS Therapeutic Equipment -

Mobility Shop -

Mobility Aids Australia -

Invacare -,92,0,40,html/Home-amp-Bathroom

Lighting Mobility -

Restorative Therapies - Rehab programs at home -

Walk on Wheels Comfort & Mobility Centre - Movement Therapy Tel: 0249548555

Zyteq -

Organisations, businesses and resources catering for specific disability groups

Spinal Cord injury or physical impairment


Brightsky Australia & ParaQuad NSW -

Visually impaired

Low vision Chef -


Cooking -

Children with disability

Rehab tools -

Sensory toys -

Especial needs, UK -

Technical Solutions Australian -

Adaptive Toys

Noah’s Ark -

Achievable Concepts -

Adaptive Sports Equipment -

The AMG -

See our page about apps and software for game-based learning as well.


Tempo Tricycles -

Roland Priestly -

Mobility Care -


Biggrips -


Enable NSW -

Pinterest adaptive technologies -

Pinterest Kitchen Gadgets When Ill -

Equipment Recycling Network -

Equipment Distribution Centre (RCH) -

Inclusion Melbourne -

International, Travel -