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What is is a safe and supportive online community that helps young people aged 10 to 20 years, and their siblings, cope with the impact of a serious illness, chronic health condition or disability. It’s a place for them to hang out, meet new friends, share experiences, creatively express themselves and know that they are not alone. facilitates connection, empathy and understanding between young people who are experiencing similar situations. aims to lift spirits, enhance self-esteem and build resilience, as well as providing a safe and secure online community whereby promoting peer-to-peer support with, and by, those that truly understand what they are going through. The features of include: • A fully-moderated chat room. This is a place where members can engage in a group setting, or within one-on-one real time chats. • Blogging – where members can share what they are going through; be it in regards to their illness or just about every day teenage happenings. • Member profiles – members can creatively express who they are and what they are in to. • The Livewire Music Player– where members can listen to the latest music and watch video clips. • Articles and videos – for both distraction and when the member just feels like reading rather than engaging with others. • Community groups – to connect on a deeper level with those going through the same things or interested in the same things. • Competitions – it’s always fun to win something, no matter how old you are! This also helps to generate user-generated content to make the site more personal to the members. Security Members undergo a strict sign-up and identity checking procedure upon joining the community. Further, members participate in on the condition that, if they are under the age of 18, they do not disclose any personal information that would enable another member to contact them outside of the Livewire space without the consent of a parent. These measures mean that members are guaranteed a high level of safety online. Member interactions and content are moderated by professional chat hosts trained in adolescent health and well-being. The presence of, and ongoing moderation by, chat hosts in the community differentiate it from other social networking services for young people, such as Facebook. The chat hosts are there to ensure that remains a supportive and fun place, providing a sense of belonging and a reliable point of connection in often uncertain times. Signing up to So what do you need to do to sign up to 1.       Go to and click on the ‘Join’ button 2.       Fill out the registration form. Easy! Please note: Members will not have access to private message or the chat room features until they have undergone the security process by member services, and given full access. If a member wants to expedite the validation process they (if over 18) or a parent (if under 18) can contact member services directly on: 02 8425 5971.